Identify issues & leverage opportunities in your spa business with a strategic analysis and roadmap to make necessary improvements.


A one day business analysis of your spa business involves;

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Client Testimonials

"Eileen came to ELM Beauty, my beauty and day spa. We are only 2 years in business and I am on the cusp of making some strategic decisions in the business. Eileen’s advice was invaluable and she offered so much more. She went through our salon offerings in detail, suggested new pricing strategies all based around profitability, training was discussed and I am currently implementing her suggestions around structuring our training. She also helped me with staffing payment structures which to me is so important to keep the girls motivated, happy and working for my business. Business is hard and every industry is so competitive. We as business owners know where we want to get to but it’s not always easy to get the expertise to help you get there. This is what FG Innovation are offering in a very genuine way and this is rare not to mention invaluable.”
Owner & Manager at ELM Beauty, Tullow, Co. Carlow